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Aerial Inspections & Videography

Serving the Corpus Christi Metro Area.

Aerial Inspections
Aerial Inspection, Drone, Roof Inspection
Unsafe Roofs, Use a Drone!

Sometimes a roof is too tall or too steep for an inspector to walk on. This is no problem for Castle Home Inspections. With our Mavic Pro drone, FAA license, and FAA waivers for Corpus Christi, we can be your eye in the sky if your project needs it.

Are you a realtor that wants to give your clients’ water front property a unique view?

Do you have a commercial building or structure that you want inspected, but don’t want the added liability or need for a person to be a few hundred feet in the air?

We can help! Our drone inspection keeps you safe on the ground while delivering the important information that you need to make a good decision. 


Let us know if you are interested!

Did you know?

Most of Corpus Christi is under Class D airspace from 0-2000 feet and requires us to contact the air traffic control before we can fly.

Aerial Inspection Video Library

Tell us about your aerial inspection needs today.

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