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Lender Draw Inspections

Serving the Corpus Christi Metro, Rio Grande Valley, and Greater Houston Areas.

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Need a Lender Draw Inspector?

Draw inspections, also known as progress inspections or completion evaluations, verify the advancement of a construction project, residential or commercial, for lenders. During this process, the draw inspector engages with the builder and lender to help execute it..

Lenders use draw inspection to determine progress of the construction project in order to release funds to the builder. The draw inspections help mitigate risks that are inherent to a typical construction project through regular on-site inspections. The draw inspector essentially becomes the eyes and ears for the lender on the job site.

To ensure the project is completed on time and on budget, a builder will send periodic draw requests for labor and materials used during their construction efforts according to a draw schedule. The lender will then disburse the funds based on a draw requests based on the confirmation of the construction progress provided by the inspector.

During a draw inspection, our inspectors will capture the following: :

  • The amount of work completed for project line items,

  • The percentage of materials on and off site that haven't been consumed,

  • Any observations made during the inspection,

  • Photos of construction progress,

  • And a progress report to the lender.

Tell us about your draw inspection needs today.

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